ICT & MARKETING INTERNATIONAL NETWORK offers a worldwide and unique forum to exchange the ideas and by presenting their latest researches and findings on the application of information and communication technologies to Marketing.
This research network seeks to explore the role that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) plays in the processes of product innovation and marketing – as an element that strengthens the cooperation and communication among agents within the innovation project, reducing the obstacles to innovation and enhancing the development of differentiated products as well Using information Communication Technology (ICT), is crucial to most businesses, regardless of size. It is important to a company aiming to expand and to improve efficiency. The use of good ICT also improves customer services and customer demand
Information and communication technologies - marketing Innovations - Promotion


Coordinator: Luis Ochoa Siguencia, The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland, l.ochoa@awf.katowice.pl
Co-coordinator: Gilberto Marzano, Rezekne University, Latvia, gilberto.marzano@rta.lv

Board Members:

Ronald M. Rivas, Canisius College - USA
Radomir Ščurek, Technical University of Ostrava - Czech Republic
Francisco Ochoa Díaz, ICESI University - Colombia
Agnieszka Chęcińska-Kopiec, The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland

Advisory Board

Gergana Zhelyazkova, Varna Free University - Bulgaria
Agata Chmielarz, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice - Poland
Seden Dogan, Ondokuz Mayis University - Turkey
Pelagia Boyko, Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego - Poland
Zofia Gródek-Szostak, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie, Poland

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  • Evolution of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education – the case study of Extremadura Region in Spain
  • Instructional and Cognitive Impacts of Online Learning Tools for Internet Based Education at Higher Schools
  • Effective Learning Environment Management through the implementation of online cooperative learning tools at Higher Schools
  • Influence of Information and Communication Technology Security management